May Sakaali Interview : Kawaii from Mexico


Hi everyone, today we are glad to announce that we have the famous fashion designer, portrait model, and cosplayer, May Sakaali, with us for interview.

May is activating at Instagram (38.3K followers), Facebook (40.2K followers), and Twitter (6.8K followers). Fans include Mexico, United States, Japan, Taiwan, and other countries.


All handmade costume! A professional fashion designer

Big fan of Harajuku fashion and anime

Dreaming of Japan, the soul touching SAKURA

Tequila, the iconic drinks of Mexico!

See you in Japan

Editor’s note

SNS of May Sakaali

All handmade costume! A professional fashion designer

Mexi Town (MT from here)

May, thank you very much for taking our interview, we’re excited to know more about you.

First of all, can you please tell us who you are and where you are from?

May Sakaali (May from here)

Hi everyone, my name is May Sakaali and I am honored to be invited for this interview.

I am from Durango Mexico and I have been doing portrait model and cosplayer for 10 years with photographer, Fano Guijarro. He is also from Durango.

Durango is famous with scorpions (☺). It is easy to find a living one in many places and some people use it to make scorpion dishes. We have a lot of mountains with beautiful skyline and great sunset. I really recommend everyone comes to visit our amazing landscapes.


Scorpion dishes!? That sounds scary but I would like to try it once in my life. A beautiful sky line and great sunset is not easy to be seen in Japan, it would be great to visit.

What inspired you to start portrait modeling and cosplaying, and when was it?


It started from my passion of dressing up as a different person (cosplaying) and outfit making. Back to 2007, there was a cosplay convention in Durango and I dressed up the Japanese seifuku (a.k.a. sailor fuku) to join. It was a lot of fun so I went again next year.

Couple years later, I made portrait model and cosplayer as my career since 2011. As a fashion designer, all costumes and outfits that I wear are handmade from cloth or modified by me, with very May’s original tastes and personal touches


You make your own costumes? That is amazing!